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I am so glad to have you visit Healthy Is My Choice. My name is Fatima. I am excited to share what has been for me some life changing information that has drastically improved my way of living overall. Let me preface this by stating that I am still on my journey and making strides toward my own goals. I am looking forward to partnering with you as teammates on this anticipated  VICTORIOUS path, of Making Healthy Our Choice each and everyday.

Healthy is my choice was created to serve as a platform to promote holistically healthy lifestyles, it was created with YOU and me in mind. Regular people who have been prone to unhealthy lifestyles, either by choice and/or the lack of understanding. Here you will find proven facts, tips, and inspiration on small lifestyle changes that could literally save your life.  The focus will not only be on achieving and maintaining physical health, but also emotional & spiritual health as well.

Now, I will tell you a little bit about me. I am an only child who was raised in a single parent home by an amazing woman, my SHERO, my mother. This woman was the hardest working person I have ever met, she wore so many hats and filled so many positions that I still don’t know how she did it. However, there was a major area in her life that she didn’t do so well at, that was “being healthy”. Growing up, I didn’t understand just how detrimental some of the habits that she had, and was ultimately instilling in me would be on our health. I was aware that she had what I knew as “High Blood” which could be serious but, I also knew that she had medicine for it if it were to elevate . I always thought that she had it because her mother had it, and it was just something genetic. I had also heard stories of my mother having some type of female cancer when I was a baby, but she survived that and never had to deal with it again. Although my mother was always on the heavy set side,I never thought that to be an issue because in my eyes she was healthy. Especially compared to her 8 siblings which of whom the majority had “Sugar”, High Cholesterol, & High Blood.

 Now, my mother was one of the best cooks I’ve known to date, she loved to make homemade meals and baked goods from scratch. No one could dispute her skills in the kitchen. One of my personal favorites was her spaghetti that was made with ground beef and Italian sausage, accompanied by fried chicken & let’s not forget the garlic bread she would make from fresh French bread layered with butter, garlic & herbs then lightly toasted in the broiler. Mind you, that was a lazy day meal for my mom, because she was a COOK. Now to go along with her love for cooking, was her love for shopping. We always had a huge surplus of food in our 2 bedroom apartment. At least 20 boxes of all the best cereals (trix, fruit loops, sugar smacks, etc.) on average. Tons of juice,soda, plenty of microwave meals and snacks. We had every ingredient needed to make pound cakes, cookies, pies, and a family feast at any given time. Needless to say, we didn’t practice eating “Clean” at 1512 B Pershing st.

Now that I have given you a little bit of background on the way I was groomed to eat, and what I thought the relationship I had with food should be. I'll fast forward to the Dec 2007. This was the year that I accompanied my mother to Jefferson hospital’s transplant dept and heard the doctor tell her at the age of 57, that she had 1 year to live if she did not receive a liver transplant. OMG!!!! Did he just say I what I thought he said??? This just cannot b!!!Now, let me be clear and state that my mothers' needing a liver was not a direct effect of her eating. Instead, it was due to a blood transfusion she had gotten about 40 years prior. However, she certainly couldn’t afford to receive this news right now because, although she desperately needed the transplant to live, she couldn’t be cleared for the list in her current physical state. Mind you even if she does get cleared, we would have to wait for someone to die.Maybe your wondering why she wasn’t cleared for the list. Well, about 3 years prior to this, I’m home in my apartment relaxing, when someone comes banging frantically at my door, upon me making my way to see who it is. I discover it is my cousin with a very concerned look on her face saying, “Fatima, you have to get to the hospital, your mom had a stroke”… WHAT!!!! Needless to say, this was the beginning of a long journey for us. As well as some discoveries of my moms diminishing health.

After battling with all she had, and persevering through some major health obstacles. My mother passed away on August 10, 2008 from pneumonia.

Not only was this the most traumatic time of my life, it was also a time that I had to ask myself if I wanted to live, or if I wanted to put my own daughter in the same position my mother put me in. Living to me, suddenly became so much more then just breathing. It meant that I needed to live a healthy life, starting at defining what healthy really meant.

This is some of what I have discovered:
  • Healthy, like HIV doesn't have a look
  • Healthy is comprised of more then just the physical being
  • "Die-t" food is not your friend unless you want to "Die" from eating it
  • Food will either be your "CURE" or your "CURSE"
  • Movement is medicine
  • The FDA is not structured for us to be healthy
  • Sugar is addictive just like a drug
  • Most chronic ailments can be reversed
  • Eating Healthy is fun, satisfying, & tasty.

These are just a few of the things I want to share with you through this platform. All while gaining more knowledge and developing great relationships on this journey of being healthy.

Below are a few links to our great features here, including a forum page where you can share your own personal thoughts, ideas, and discoveries. So make yourself comfortable, browse around, and check out the place!

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